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Heri Africa Tours & Safaris Ltd 

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About Heri Africa Tours

Who we are? We Create The Experience That Changes The Life.

Heri Africa Tours tailor-made journeys are carefully crafted to deliver a personalized adventure like no other. We build in extraordinary, enriching experiences curated just for you and then we put the best private guides at your service for 24 hours 7 days a week. We do all this to detail and unbeatable value for your travel dollar.

1: Seasoned Team with Deep Destination Knowledge

What’s the secret sauce behind every one of our tailor-made experiences? A passionate team of destination specialists intimately versed on the new, the old, the different, the must-sees, the off-the-beaten track and the out-of-this-world. Our specialists curate and customize each and every itinerary to exacting specifications based on an understanding of what’s important to you, what makes your heart pump, your brain fire and your butterflies flutter

2: Experienced Local Guides

Experienced local guides, finely attuned to your personal expectations and connected to the people and culture, deliver breathtaking moments. This is the simple truth that guides heri africa tours & Safaris. The best spot to find the black rhino, Lions, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and many more animal species and a favorite local dish, a personal account from a defining cultural and a local tradition shared – these are the experiences that endure

3: 24 hrs -7 days a week On-the-ground support

Our guides are complemented by our global network of in-country offices to give you 24/7 support and peace of mind from start to finish.

Our Business Partnership

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