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Bagamoyo ‘’ the hub of slave trade’’


is located  75 kilometers to the north of Dar Es Salaam is the former capital of Germany East, Africa, Bagamoyo once the mainland centre of the slave trade. The name Bagamoyois derived from the name BwagaMoyo “lay down your heart” because from here kidnapped Africans were sent to Zanzibar and across the sea into slavery.
Many of the European explorers passed through here including Burton, Speke, Grant, Stanley and Livingstone. The church, built by the Holy Ghost Fathers, is the oldest in the East Africa, and it was here that Livingstone’s remains rested before being taken to Zanzibar then England. The mission has a wonderful collection of photographs and mementos relating to Livingstone and to colonial times.
Reminders of the slave trade can also be found here; shackle rings, stone pens, and freedom certificates.
The beach that stretches to either side of Bagamoyo, is everyone’s idea of a tropical paradise. The Kaole ruins, date from the 13th Century include what is thought to be the oldest mosque and on the East African mainland, Bagamoyo Art College has free shows of traditional music, dancing and mime on weekends.
Located on the Bagamoyo-Pangani road, the Saadani Game reserves is one of the least visited in Tanzania. It is the only east African coastal reserve to harbor large mammals and is also the only place where the elephants can still being seen bathing from Indian Ocean.

Where to stay

There are many hotels in Bagamoyo, with varying amenities and costs to fit every budget. There are tented camps at Saadani National Park, Please note to include accommodation type during booking inquiries which will enable us to give you the best price and package

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