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Safari Packlist Guide

What to Take on Safari

There is no real need (unless you specifically want to) to go out and buy any special clothes for your safari experience – most people have something in their wardrobe that will be fine!

Safari Clothing

As a general guide, we recommend that you bring comfortable, casual wash-and-wear clothes on safari. Please note that muted colors are recommended for game-viewing. Game Drives are conducted in the early morning and later afternoon, which can be very cold, especially in winter. The most practical items to pack for safari are:

  • a jacket/sweater for early morning and evening game drives
  • lightweight water-proof jacket
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • jeans/safari trousers for evenings and cold days
  • shorts or a light skirt
  • shirts with long sleeves (even in summer as protection from the sun and mosquitoes)
  • t-shirts in khaki, green, beige or neutral colors
  • swim and beachwear
  • binoculars and camera equipment
  • sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, insect repellent, moisturizer and lip-salve are all essentials

Other Essentials
A strong sun block, a sun hat, sunglasses and lip balm are a good idea to have with you when out on game drives in the sun.

Also, make sure you have your camera, binoculars and spare camera batteries for the game drives too.  If you have a video camera, it may be a good idea to take a spare battery for this as well.

An insect repellent is necessary, especially in the evenings.  Most lodges do supply repellent for guests to use, but just in case it would be worth taking this with you.

Of course, if you are going on safari in a malarial area, don’t forget your malaria tablets!  You will need to consult your doctor at least 6-8 weeks prior to travel to see what course of malaria tablets they recommend, and when you should commence the course.

Luggage Restrictions
If you are getting to your safari destination by a charter flight, do please check what the baggage weight allowance is before you arrive to check in.  For most charter flights, the limit is 15 kg, and most airlines do require your luggage to be in soft bags (to enable the pilot to easily stow the luggage in what is sometimes a small hold in the plane).

Self-Drive Safaris
In addition, a good field guide book to the animals of the region is an excellent item to have in the car with you, along with plenty of water and other refreshments.